1. Administrative Offices

The office mainly undertakes organization and coordination, communication both upward and downward, secretarial, official document circulation, reception services, conference and event services, external publicity and exchange, and office property management. The main duty responsibilities are as follows:

(1) Responsible for drafting various documents of the logistics group company;

(2) Responsible for all kinds of official documents circulation through in the OA system;

(3) Responsible for the work of sending, receiving, registering, archiving, lending and managing all kinds of documents;

(4) Be a staff and assistant to the leadership of the logistics group company, and provide a scientific basis for the decision-making of the leadership;

(5) Responsible for visiting reception, external liaison, comprehensive coordination, supervision and implementation. Responsible for meetings and event organization and services;

(6) Responsible for various propaganda reports and website construction and maintenance management, editing the "Logistics Group Company Newsletter";

(7) Responsible for daily use of the seal, the introduction letter and contract management, mail managing, reimbursement processing;

(8) Responsible for the work related to assets and logistics Party committee and trade unions;

(9) Responsible for the access control, fire safety and cleaning of the office building of the logistics group company;

(10) Complete other tasks assigned by the higher authorities and leaders.

Director: Zhao Jianye

Office phone: 025-84396255


2. Human Resource Management Center

The Human Resources Management Center is a service function department under the leadership of the logistics group company. The main responsibilities are as follows:

(1) Implement various personnel policies of the University, assist personnel recruitment, assessment, attendance, mobility and other management and services, and assist in the service and security of retirees;

(2) Responsible for the management of “in-system” labor, welfare, pension, personnel database, files and retired employees;

(3) Responsible for reviewing and organizing employee training and technical assessment of various departments; responsible for hiring, insurance payment and related management of “out-system” personnel;

(4) Formulate the personnel management system of the logistics group company, determine the staffing plan, job responsibilities and qualifications;

(5) Responsible for the reception and handling of letters, labor and visits related to employment and industrial relations;

(6) Responsible for the personnel reallocation and post appointment of the logistics group company;

(7) Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.

Director: Wang Cong

Office phone: 025-84396287


3. Safety & Quality Management Center

The main function of the Safety and Quality Management Center is to conduct safety and quality inspection and supervision of all logistics services. The specific duties are as follows:

(1) Responsible for the inspection and execution of the national laws, regulations and policies for the group company;

(2) Inspect, report, and rectify the implementation of the rules and regulations, operating procedures, job responsibilities, and employee behavior standards of the group company;

(3) Organize the supervision and inspection and related verification of the daily safety work of the logistics group company;

(4) Assist the logistics group company in emergency response handling and accident investigation and handling;

(5) Assist in the training and drill of fire safety knowledge of employees of logistics group company;

(6) Responsible for the management of the fixed assets equipment of the logistics group company;

(7) Responsible for collecting opinions and suggestions from teachers and students on the service work of logistics group companies, accepting various complaints and reports from teachers and students, supervising the implementation and rectification, and timely reporting the results;

(8) Organize the survey and analysis of the satisfaction of teachers and students for the logistics group company service with the help of the information platform, and make suggestions for the improvement of the work of the group and various departments;

(9) Establish and improve the rules and regulations and operational procedures for the safety and quality management of logistics group company;

(10) Guided by the style of work, strengthen supervision and inspection of the work style of employees;

(11) Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.

Director: Ye Haixia

Office Phone: 025-84396648


4. Catering Service Center

The Catering Service Center has more than 400 employees and has undertaken catering services for more than 20,000 teachers and students of our University. The annual business output value is about RMB60 million. The center has 6 student canteens, 1 canteen for ethnic people and 1 teaching staff canteen.

The Center earnestly implements the “Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China” and the food safety management regulations of the University, strictly controls food safety, implements the awareness of safe production responsibility in the canteen, strengthens the internal assessment and supervision mechanism, and provides more high-quality catering service for teachers and students. We regularly carry out employee skill training to improve the service and service level of employees. Every year, chef skill competitions and food exhibitions are held to continuously meet the diverse needs of teachers and students.

Director: Zhu Luxi

Office phone: 025-84396995


5. Property Management Service Center

The Property Management Service Center undertakes the property management services of the student apartment buildings, teaching buildings, office buildings and laboratory buildings of the Weigang Campus. There are 6 project units: Supervision & Management; Self-operated Property Management; Maintenance on Sporadic Cases; Equipment Support; Pailou Property Management and Campus Environmental Sanitation.  We strive to provide a safe, clean and comfortable learning, working and living environment for teachers and students through the implementation of refined property management. The main duty responsibilities are as follows:

(1) Building guards on duty, sanitary cleaning, safety inspections and maintenance services for sporadic cases;

(2) Campus road cleaning and domestic garbage collection and removal;

(3) Power supply security, asset registration and management of student apartment buildings;

(4) Management and maintenance of elevators, experimental pure water system equipment, second water supply equipment, electric water heaters and access control systems;

(5) Management of power distribution between buildings, office buildings and laboratory buildings;

(6) Daily management and conference services of the conference center.

Director: Chen Baoming

Office phone: 025-84396641


6. Maintenance & Power Service Center

The Maintenance and Power Service Center is committed to providing quality and efficient maintenance services, clean and comfortable bath protection, safe and clean steam supply, with units of project management and power supply service. The main duty responsibilities are as follows:

(1) Maintenance service and sudden repair tasks for the maintenance project of less than RMB300,000.00 at Weigang campus;

(2) The final review of the maintenance project of more than RMB10,000.00, and the review of the maintenance project cost of less than RMB10,000.00;

(3) Purchase, storage, record, requisition and reimbursement of warehouse materials;

(4) Production and operation of gas pressure boilers, annual maintenance and inspection, energy saving and noise reduction;

(5) Student public bathroom operation management and service;

(6) Answer to and handle of the 24-hour repair service call.

Director: Liu Xiaoting

Office phone: 025-84396419


7. Communication & Reception Service Center

The communication and reception service center mainly undertakes the services of subscription of newspapers and journals for the University; mail service; laundry service; dining service and management of foreign students' apartments. The specific functions are as follows:

(1) Receiving & sending service: The issuance and subscription of newspapers and journals for University administration, colleges and departments; registration of mails; dispatching of letters for various units and students.

(2) Laundry Service: The laundry service will be provided for bedding sheets for  undergraduate students once a month, cleaning of the student's bachelor's gowns; use of the intelligent self-service system to provide students with convenient and thoughtful laundry services.

(3) Nanyuan Restaurant: Different specifications for fast food, working meals and banquets are offered for the teachers and students to choose.

(4) International Student Apartment Service: Apartment safety, public area cleaning, order, security, maintenance, service and so on.

Director: Hao Siping

Office phone: 025-84395746


8. Material Supply Center

Two units are set up as material supply and transportation service responsible for the procurement and supply of office items, stationery, hygiene products, labor protection products, daily necessities, glassware, laboratory supplies, as well as school transportation shuttles and sporadic use of vehicles.

Director: Cai Wei

Office phone: 025-84396088


9. Printing Service Center

The main business scope of the Printing Service Center is the printing and supermarket services. It provides bulk printing, copying, printing, binding, hardcover book binding, graphic design and other printing services for all departments of the University. It guarantees quality, completes tasks on time and strengthens safety management.

Director: Feng Haihua

Office phone: 025-84399185


10. Kindergarten

The kindergarten affiliated to Nanjing Agricultural University was founded in 1952 and is a quality kindergarten of Jiangsu Province. With the professional spirit of “sincerity, love and enthusiasm”, the kindergarten provides parents with “premium, comprehensive and caring” preschool education services. There are 11 teaching classes at senior, middle and little and nursing levels with more than 300 children and 49 staff members. The main duty responsibilities are as follows:

(1) Operation of the kindergarten follows strictly the relevant laws and regulations stipulated by the state; follows the characteristics and laws of children's physical and mental development, with teaching children to promote the harmonious development of children's body and mind.

(2) Strictly implement the relevant provisions on the safety management by national and local administrations for kindergartens, establish and improve equipment and facilities, food and various safety protection and inspection systems related to children's activities, and establish safety responsibility systems and emergency plans.

(3) Create a beautiful environment, equipped with advanced teaching and living facilities, and provide children with a place to beautify, explore, exercise and express, fully meet the needs of children's learning and activities.

(4) Provide toys, operating materials and children's books suitable for the age of children, and develop children's self-learning, independent thinking and hands-on ability.

(5) Follow the "Guidelines for Learning and Development of Children Aged 3-6", comprehensively organize various activities, infiltrate the game into one-day life, and give full play to the interaction of various educational means.

Director: Zhang Renping

Office phone: 025-84396262