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About Us

The Logistics Group Company of Nanjing Agricultural University was established on January 18, 2002 as an internal non-legal person logistics service entity resulted from the separation of multiple departments (units) in the reform of school logistics socialization, and in an operation as an enterprise.  The organization and management of the company implements the "small organ, multi-entity" mode, with 10 departments / centers such as an administrative offices, a human resource management center, a safety and quality management center, a catering service center, a property management service center, a maintenance and power service center, a communication and reception service center, a material supply center, a printing service center (Nanjing Agricultural University Technical Service Company), and a kindergarten.  More than 900 employees of various types are currently working with us in logistics services for the study, work and life of more than 20,000 teachers and students on both Weigang and Pailou Campuses.


The logistics management operation takes the form of the “Party A and Party B” model, and the Asset Management and Logistics Support Office acts as Party A as the logistics support management organization, which performs the management functions of the logistics group company on behalf of the University; the Logistics Group Company acts as Party B and provides logistics services for the University as an operating unit.


The main business of the logistics group company covers catering services and management, including 6 student canteens, 1 ethnic restaurant, 1 faculty restaurant and 1 Nanyuan student food restaurant; property management services covering 28 student dormitories, 23 teaching and office buildings, security guards and sanitation of 3 residence buildings for international students; public sanitation of the campus main roads of more than 150,000 square meters; management and service of maintenance projects and student baths of less than RMB300,000.00; management services for communication, mail rooms and student laundry; early childhood education; printing and printing services; supermarkets for graduate students; automobile transportation; low-value supplies and services.


Since the establishment of the logistics group company and under the correct leadership of the University Party and administration, we have closely focused on the work and development of the university central task, always adhere to the tenet of "three services, two educating people" and firmly establish the motto of "integrity, standardization, quality and innovation" as the quality policy; adheres to the working philosophy of “seeking development with reform, survival with service, benefit with management, and support with contribution”, and strives to implement “fine management and affectionate service”.  We expand the service field by improving the operation mechanism, to optimize the campus environment, to improve service quality, and to provide a solid logistics service guarantee for the development of the University.


After years of hard work, the management level and service quality of the logistics group have been comprehensively improved, the campus environment and infrastructure conditions have been significantly improved, and the teacher and student satisfaction rate has increased year by year. The University and the Company have successively won the "National University Logistics Decade Socialized Reform Advanced Institution", the "National Higher Agricultural College Logistic Work Advanced Collective", the "Jiangsu Province University Logistics Advanced Collective", Jiangsu Province higher education institution "Civilized Canteen",  "Civilized dormitory" advanced university, Nanjing "food hygiene grade A-level unit", "Nanjing special equipment safety management advanced unit", Jiangsu science and education system "worker pioneer" and other titles; the kindergarten has been rated as Nanjing model kindergarten, Jiangsu Province quality kindergarten.


Looking forward to the future, the logistics group company will continue to focus on the "three guarantees and three improvement" work ideas, adhere to the bottom line of security and stability, catch tight of the middle line of teachers and students satisfaction, promote the long-term service of education.  We will unite and cooperate, be determined to reform, realistic and innovative, and strive for excellence, further Improve the quality and level of service, and strive to create a new situation of scientific development and harmonious development for the logistics group company.  We will as well build a logistics service guarantee system that is compatible with the development of world-class agricultural universities, and provide more convenient, thoughtful and high-quality service guarantee for teachers and students.

(Updated on September, 2018)


Current Leaders

General Manager of Logistics Group Company

Jiang Yan

Deputy   Secretary of Assets and Logistics Party Committee, Deputy General Manager

Hu Huikui

Deputy General Manager

Sun Renshuai

Assistant General Manager

Zhao Jianye

Assistant   General Manager

Zhang Renping

Assistant General Manager

Zhu Luxi